West Virginia Black Walnut Festival

Spencer, West Virginia

October 10-13, 2019

Fun for all ages, the carnival is a highlight of the festival.  This is likely to be the biggest and best carnival you will find anywhere in West Virgina as we combine TWO carnivals into one magnificent amusement park.  Come ride all of your favorite rides and perhaps try the one ride you have always been to afraid to get on!

From games to food to kids rides to adult rides, this carnival will thrill you!

Like last year, the carnival will set up in the city parking lot, between First Baptist Church, the Roane County Public Library, First Neighborhood Bank, and McIntosh Hardware and Appliance Store.

Prices for the 2018 Carnival are:


(Prices subject to change - Check this site during the week of the festival for most up to date pricing)


 6 p. m. -10 p.m. $10 arm band

 Tickets: 24 tickets for $20


1-5 p.m. $12 arm band

 6-10 p.m. $15 arm band

 Tickets: 24 tickets for $20


 1-5 p.m. Kid’s Day $12

 6-CLOSE $20 arm band

 All Day Arm Band for $25

 Tickets: 24 tickets for $20


 11 - 5 pm. $15 arm band

 6 - close $20 arm band

 All Day Arm Band for $25

 Tickets: 24 tickets for $20


1-4 p.m. $10 arm band

Tickets: 24 tickets for $20