West Virginia Black Walnut Festival

Spencer, West Virginia

October 10-13, 2019

Kid's Day Parade Winners

Division 1: Non Motorized Wheels
1-1 Strollers
    1st     “The Devil” Christopher Bauer
    2nd    None
    3rd     None
    1st    “On My Way to my First Black Walnut Festival Car Show” Cash Bentley Nichols       
    2nd     “Leaving the Frontier for the Black Walnut Festival” Ian Greathouse, Lorelai Truman and         Nathan Harley
    3rd     “Minnie & Mickey” Andrew Harris and Maddison Bowers
1-3 Peddled Kiddie Cars/Tricycles
    1st     None            2nd     None         3rd     None
1-4 Skaters
    1st     None        2nd     None        3rd     None
1-5 Bicycles/Scooters
    1st     “Thomas the Tank Engine” Remy Smelto
    2nd     “Scurrying through the Festival” Cason Webb
    3rd     None

Division 2: Walkers
 2-1   Most Unique
     1st     “Spike” Ichiro Ng
    2nd     None
    3rd     None
2-2   Prettiest
    1st     “Prettiest Witch” Addison Carper
    2nd     “Rainbow Fairy” Bayleigh Burdette
    3rd     “Princess” Aiko Ng
2-3    Ugliest
    1st     “Granpa Cratchett’s Long Lost Brother” Taylor Godfrey
    2nd       “Princess Zombie” Katheryne Bauer
    3rd     “Witch” Shyanne Godfrey
2-4   Clowns/Super Heroes/Cartoon Characters  
    1st     “Winnie the Pooh” Michael Bauer
    2nd     “The Wizard of Oz” Sara Beth Oneil, Owen McClanahan, Tyler McClanahan, Elijah             James Brannon
    3rd     “Super Girl” Nevaeh Burdette
2-5   Most Creative
    1st     “Punk Rocker” Curtis Price
    2nd     None
    3rd       None

Division 3: Child Driven Vehicles
3-1   Low Powered/Kiddie Cars
    1st     “The Old Fashioned Model T” Joey, Angela, Zachary, Clarissa and Patricia Kyer
    2nd     “Mr Scarecrow’s Happy Harvest” James Smith
    3rd     “The Little Cow is Running Away” Leah Carpenter
3-2   High Powered Vehicle
    1st     “Nanny’s Little Cowpokes” Gabby & Graci Engle
    2nd     “All Revved up for the Black Walnut Festival” Abby Nichols, Sophie Nichols, Tommy             Miller and Jack Miller
    3rd     None

Division 4: Pets
4-1   Most Unique
    1st     ”Horse” Annie Oakley Starcher
    2nd     “Spartacus” Abby Jarrell
    3rd     None
4-2 Prettiest
    1st     None
    2nd     None
    3rd     None

Division 5: Clubs, Groups, or Units
5-1   Marching Troops
     1st     “Star Blazers Twirlers” Camdyn, Ally, Cadyn, Olivia, Emily & Kimber
    2nd     None
    3rd     None
5-2   Clubs, Units, Groups, Organization
    1st     Gymfiniti – Walkers & Tumblers
    2nd     “Roane County Little Raiders”
    3rd     “Rocking Around the Black Walnut Festival” WV Kids First Stars

Division 6: Floats
6-1   Small Floats
    1st     “Land of Oz – There’s No Place Like the Black Walnut Festival” Timmy & Nate                 Cronin, Linsey Carper, Chase & Kadin White
    2nd     “The Wizard of Oz” Carly, Carson, Kiley & Levi
    3rd     “Henry’s Fork Harvester 4-H Club”
6-2   Medium Floats
    1st     “Ronald McDonald House – The House that Love Built” Lakin Drennen, Tena Gandee,             Brianna & Dakota Deel and Lauren Harper
    2nd     “EMS for the Cure” Roane County Emergency Squad
    3rd     “Let’s Pretend to Be Just Me” Shaylin, Adam and Brionna Springston, Savannah                 Dickerson, Cami Shaffer, Ava Burwell
6-3   Large Floats
    1st     “Reedy Rocks” Reedy Elementary School
    2nd    “Jesus is our Life Savior” Keffer Church
    3rd    “Patch Circus Comes to Town” Patch

If you placed and didn’t receive your trophy, please contact Dusta Tanner-Mace at 532-5115.